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The Rewind Technique

The Rewind Technique is a non-intrusive and highly effective treatment for de-traumatising people. It is an internationally recognised treatment for Trauma/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and can also be used effectively to treat those with phobias.

The Rewind offers a way of permanently stopping the involuntary intrusive recall of distressing memories (flashbacks/nightmares) meaing upiu can choose when to recall a memory rather than it revisiting you uninvited.

The Rewind is suitable for both victims and witnesses of traumatic events. It can help you to re-engage with places/activities that you have been avoiding.

The Rewind Technique is:

  • Effective - 90% of clients report the technique to be successful. Please note that despite a high success rate, there is no guarantee it will work for every single client.


  • Safe – The Rewind differs as there is no requirement to describe or give any details of your traumatic experience(s) to your therapist hence the process is often referred to as 'closure without disclosure'. The technique limits the amount of re-traumatising that you could experience and while you will not forget the event(s) you will be able to move forward with life unimpeded by intrusive traumatic memories.


  • Rapid – the Rewind treatment can be completed in a few as 2 sessions with a final review a couple of months later. During the first session, the process is explained and the client is taken into a state of relaxation before being taken through the Rewind sequence. Session 2 is a shorter follow up session to assess the success of the treatment or to repeat the treatment if necessary. The follow up session is held 2 weeks later.


For single event traumas, two to three sessions at most are required with a follow up session 3 months later. For multiple event traumas such as combat, sexual abuse, domestic violence; etc. each traumatic memory can be dealt with separately over separate sessions if required.

The package price for the Rewind Technique is £350 which includes the 90 minute initial session and follow up session 2 weeks later.



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